SAS – Scandinavian Airlines
45-Second TV Spot

Script: “Travelers Are The Future”
Produced by Giants & Toys – Stockholm, Sweden

Eye-Bank of New York
30-Second Spot

Producer – David Goodnight & DMB Productions, New York

AdvoCare Glow TV Spot
30-Second Spot

Producer: Quinn Brown, Origami Research & Development, Dallas, TX

Medical City Healthcare
30-Second TV Spot

“Dedication Goes By Many Names”
Produced by Ideaman Studios – Dallas, TX

Banfield Pet Hospital
60-Second TV Spot

“Optimum Wellness Plan”
Produced by StudioBard – Portland, OR

Balance Bar Dark Chocolate Crunch
15-Second TV Spot

“Find Your Balance”
Produced by NBTY and DMB Productions

30-Second TV Spot

“AdvoGreens from AdvoCare”
Producer – Quinn Brown
Origami Research & Development – Dallas, TX
Director – Bruce Warner – WPI

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Narration

“Your Life – Our Purpose”
Campaign Film
Produced by Limelight Films – Houston, TX

Terra’s Kitchen
30-Second TV Spot

Produced by Storyfarm – Baltimore, MD

Cuisinart Product Demo

“Air Fryer/Toaster Oven”
Produced by Terry Blanco – Haystack Media Labs

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